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Noële Ody

Noële Ody, Marquise »Visa«, 2012
1. What are you working on right now?
Not much at the moment. I recently had two exhibitions and had to do some money-earning work and apply for bmukk grants. Next week is the third of the Tuesday evenings that I've been hosting at Vesch. It's always quite a bit of organisation, like transporting a 200kg beer vending machine around the place. After that I look forward to having some time again.

2. What does your schedule look like?
Hard to say. It varies. I'm not one of those people who goes to the studio every day. I do a lot of work in my head and collect things. Materials, ideas and that. Then I can also work quickly when need be.

3. What is your studio like – messy, sparse. Do you share it with others?
I'd say chaotic. I have a really great shared studio (possibly the nicest in Vienna) and I share a room with Liesl Raff, which helps keep the chaos in check.

4. What do you get outsourced or find ready-made, and what do you make yourself?
I build everything myself. Although I do get my slides framed if I can afford it. Haha.  I wouldn't use the word Readymade but there is always some element of »real« in my work.

5. What does the internet mean to you in relation to your work/practice as an artist?
On a scale I would say somewhere between 3 and 10.

6. Who is a mentor for you from whom you get guidance?
My friends.

7. Do you imagine you will ever stop making art?
Right now I'm thinking I might open an icecream parlour.

8. What's the most annoying thing about Vienna?
Questions like this, which already imply something negative. Do I have to be annoyed by Vienna? 

9. What is the most absurd thing you've ever heard or read about your art?
I was really hoping for this question: Which 5 tracks would you like to play right now? So I'm just going to answer that instead.
COLLECT CALLS - KENDRICK LAMAR                        
OTHER GUYS - DANIEL BORTZ                                   
MANIC - AZARI & III                                            

What show have you seen recently that you really liked?
Anita Leisz and Nora Schultz at Meyer Kainer. I really like Anita's work and was also really impressed with Nora, particularly her working process. I had assisted in the construction, which was stressful because everything was so intricately related yet mutually exclusive. But later, looking at the exhibition I realised that you could see the works really communicating with one another. Like in a ping pong match where you wonder how someone could possibly have caught that ball.

NOËLE ODY, born in 1982 in Starnberg, Germany. Lives in Vienna. Recent exhibitions include: Bussi Baba, Elephant Art Space, Los Angeles; Grundfrage, CRAC Alsace, Altkirch (2013); caprihosenzeit (mit Gabriele Edlbauer), VMU art gallery 101, Kaunas; Wir treffen uns am Abend, Galerie Kamm/COCO at Rosa, Berlin (2012).