No. 8

Theme Park

Anne Imhof, Aqua Leo, 1st of at least two
Performance Portikus Frankfurt 2013, Photo: Nadine Fraczkowski
Menashe Kadishman, Israeli Pavillon, Venice Biennale 1978
Braco Dimitrijević, The Last Congress, Turin Zoo 1989
Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Verdi, Brahms, tiger, gold leaf, raw meat
Aaron Angell, Model for Gallery Peacetime – Boat Burial, 2013
Aquarium, filter, glazed stoneware, Ambystoma mexicanum (axolotl), 50 x 42 x 14 cm
Francis Alÿs, The Ambassador, 2001
Venice Biennale
Yayoi Kusama, Horse Play in Woodstock, 1967
Damien Hirst, Let's Eat Outdoors Today, 1990–1991
Glass, steel, silicone rubber, cow's head, flies, maggots, sugar, water, Insect-O-Cutor,
table and chairs, tableware, condiments and food, 221 x 412 x 215 cm
Paul Kos, Lot's Wife, 1969
Salt-block sculpture, cows
Napa Valley
Marco Evaristti, Helena & El Pescador, 2000
Goldfish, blender
Carsten Höller & Rosemarie Trockel, A House for Pigs and People, documenta X, Kassel 1997
Petrit Halilaj, Symposium Performing Politics on occasion of The World Is Not Fair – The Great World's Fair, Tempelhofer Park, Berlin 2012
Kuai Shen, 0h!m1gas: biomimetic stridulation environment, 2012
Ant colony, plexibox structure, turntables, audio, camera, monitor, variable dimensions
Installation view Manifesta, Genk 2012
Paola Pivi, Interesting, 2006
White animals
Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, Milan
Markus Schinwald, exhibition view »Animal Works«, Sala Exposiciones Veronicas, Murcia 2012
Darren Bader, Installation view »Chad Ochocinco«, Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York 2011
Tania Bruguera, Tatlin's Whisper #5, 2008
Unannounced performance
Tate Modern, London
Mike Kelley, Petting Zoo, Skulpturprojekte Münster 2007
Yanagi Yukinori, Pacific, 1996
Ants, colored sand, perspex boxes and plastic tubes
282 x 405 x 2 cm
Sarah Lucas, Installation view »NOB«, Secession, Wien 2013
& Gelatin
Photo: Wolfgang Thaler
Nina Beier, Tragedy, 2011
Installation view Art Unlimited, Art 43 Basel, 2012
Persian rug, dog
Gloria Friedmann, Die Stellvertreter, 1990
Alessandro Dal Pont, Untitled, 1998–2010
Snail, string, helium-filled balloon
Superflex, Kuh, 2012
TBA21 Vienna
Jasmina Llobet & Luis Fernandez Pons, Animal Tower, 2008
Intervention in public space, Anyang / South Korea
Construction of iron and glass, rabbits, hens, turtles, fishes
320 x 150 x 150 cm
Rose Finn-Kelcey, One for Sorrow Two for Joy, 1976
Performance with two magpies
Acme Gallery Window, London
Pierre Huyghe, Environment (Detail), 2011
Ants, Spiders
Installation view Esther Schipper, Berlin 2011
Bjarne Melgaard, exhibition view »Ideal Pole«, Ramiken Crucible, New York 2012
Gina Pane, Death Control, 1974
Julia Tcharfas & Timothy Ivison, Exhibition view »Metropotamia«, Hilary Crisp Gallery, London 2011
Carsten Höller, exhibition view »Soma«, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin 2010
Ruth Ewan, Psittaciformes Trying to Change the World, 2005/06
Aviary, twelve parrots
Maurizio Cattelan
Warning! Enter at your own risk. Do not touch, do not feed, no smoking, no photographs, no dogs, thank you.", 1994
Donkey, crystal chandelier
Mircea Cantor, The Need For Uncertainty, 2008
3 cages covered with gold painting, 2 peacocks
Modern Art Oxford, 2008
Komar & Melamid, Ecollaboration with elephant Rene, Toledo Zoo, Ohio 1995