No. 7

Theme Park

Isa Genzken, Untitled, 2006
Lamp, coat, metal, plastic, toy gun, plastic figure (cupid), natural fibre and lacquer, 200 x 65 x 44 cm
Amanda Ross-Ho, Untitled Spatial Arrangement (Drying Rack), 2009
Drying rack, acrylic paint, rags, fabric dye, canvas, clothespins, gold plated chains, cat toys, aluminium clamp, cable tie, metal clamps, rhinestone fashion earrings, plastic clips, three-ply yarn, 104 x 76.2 x 38cm
Collection of Scott Londen, photo: Robert Wedemeyer
Eva Engelbert, Wilderness Storage, 2010
Mixed media, C-prints
Installation view »The Essence 2010«, Künstlerhaus Wien 2010
Halvor Rønning and Joakim Martinussen, Gentleman’s Round for Scandinavia, 2012
Bracket, printed satin, dyed wool
Installation view at Gloria Knight, Auckland
Courtesy Gloria Knight gallery, Auckland
Gedi Siboni, The Cutters, 2010
Canvas, paint, wall, 348 x 417 x 33 cm
Courtesy Green Naftali Gallery, New York
Georg Herold, Mon Dieu, 2009
Batten screwed and satin, 314 x 85 x 118 cm
Courtesy Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin
Helen Marten, Non-slip solutions for tartan evolutions, 2011
Welded powder-coated steel tube, earth magnets, tartan wool, grit tape, custom-embroidered baseball caps, plywood boxes to A4 dimensions, cut vinyl, nails, carpet tacks, CMYK fimo, 65 x 210 x 51cm
Courtesy Johann Koenig Gallery, Berlin, photo: Roman März
Ida Ekblad, Digging. Treasure., 2010
Installation view Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm
Photo: Bonniers Konsthall
Andrea Zittel, A-Z Living Unit, 1994
Steel, wood, metal, mattress, glass, mirror, lighting fixture, oven, range, velvet, utensils, saucepans, bowls, towel, hairbrush, pillow, clock; open: 145 x 213 x 208cm closed: 93 x 213 x 97cm
Courtesy Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York
Jannis Kounellis, Senza titolo, 2009
Wood with gold leaf, metallic nets, hats, steel beam, coats, hooks
Photo: Luciano Romano
Constanze Schweiger, Untitled (Tarnmantel #5), 2010
Acrylic paint on cotton military tarp, wooden ladder
Exhibition view of »Julia Haller | Benjamin Hirte | Constanze Schweiger«, Magazin, Vienna
Jimmie Durham, Shrouds and swaddling clothes of decommissioned Saints, 1996
Courtesy of the artist and kurimanzutto, Mexico City
Mary Redmond, The Floating World, 2010
Installation view at DCA, Dundee
Courtesy The Modern Institute
Alexandra Bircken, Turbine, 2013
Mixed media
Courtesy BQ, Berlin, photo: Roman März
Paul Thek, Fishman in Excelsis Table, 1970−71
Wood, latex, wax, metal, paint, fabric, string, and Styrofoam, 75 × 90 × 239cm
Courtesy of Alexander and Bonin, New York
Manfred Pernice, Konserve 03, 2003
Pressboard, shirt
Kristan Kennedy, NADA Hudson 2012
Installation view at »Nada Hudson«, Basillica Hudson, Hudson, New York
Courtesy Fourteen 30 Contemporary, Portland, Oregon
Joseph Beuys, I Like America and America Likes Me, 1974
Performance at René Block Gallery, New York
Photo: Caroline Tisdall
Mathis Altmann, Technological references, 2012
Papier mache, wire, latex, fishing lures, 200 cm
Photo: Gunnar Meier
Olga Balema, How it feels I and II, 2013
Plastic box, steel, hose, water pump, textile, 101 x 47 x 80 cm
Courtesy the artist and Galerie Fons Welters
Oliver Herring, Areas for Action, 2010
Installation view of »Areas for Action«, Meulensteen Gallery NY
Courtesy Meulensteen Gallery, New York
Nora Schultz, Untitled, 2010
Textile, stainless steel, photograph, magnet, 65 × 62 × 90cm
Courtesy Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, Berlin
Rosemarie Trockel, Flagrant Delight, 2012
Installation view of »Flagrant Delight«, Wiels
Courtesy Wiels, Brussels, photo: Filip Vanzieleghem
Haley Mellin, 2011
Installation of »Haley Mellin & Olivier Mosset« at Untitled, New York
Courtesy Untitled, New York
Matias Faldbakken, 2012
Installation view of »PORTRAIT PORTRAIT OF OF A A GENERATION GENERATION«, Office for Contemporary Art Norway
Courtesy OCA, Oslo, photo: Vegard Kleven
Kate Owens, Affair at Styles (purple & yellow), and Affair at Styles (pink & blue), both 2008
Cotton, soft drink
Courtesy Jancar Jones, San Francisco
Sergei Tcherepnin, Leading Tone Follies: Royal Flame, 2012
Microsuede, Cotton, 100 Watt Bass Transducer, Amplifier
Courtesy Karma International, Zurich
Tom Burr, Silver Smoking Jacket, 2011
Cast iron and jacket on wooden base, 111,7 x 61 x 61cm
Courtesy Almine Rech Gallery, Paris
Victor Man, attebasile, 2009
Installation view of »attebasile«, Centre international d'art et du paysage Ile de Vassivière, France
Courtesy Galeria Zero, Milan
Lizzie Fitch, Blushes Attitude, 2012
Wood, nails, cinder blocks, printed fabric, tools, climbing carabiners, latex, pillow, papier-mache, hats, garden hose, shirt sleeve, eye hooks, Target pillow, screws, 158 x 183 x 185cm
Courtesy Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York