No. 6

Theme Park

Bruce McLean, Sculpture of Jug, 2011-2012
Clay with coloured slip, transparent glaze, dimensions variable
Courtesy Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin
Betty Woodman, Of Botticelli (detail), 2013
Glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, acrylic paint, dimensions variable
Courtesy the artist and Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, Berlin, photo: Nick Ash
Pae White, Companions, 2011
Southern ice porcelain, platinum, variable dimensions
Courtesy Kaufmann Repetto, Milan
Sterling Ruby, Figure Maker with Sphere, 2007
Ceramic, formica pedestal, sculpture: 46 x 117 cm pedestal: 61 x 102 x 163 cm
Courtesy Metro Pictures, New York
Liam Gillick, Guadalajara Revision Stack, 2009
Niedrige Temperatur Keramik, Hand glasiert, 32 cm Durchmesser
Courtesy Galerie Sabine Knust
Adrian Paci, Passages, 2010
Acrylic and watercolor on plaster and terracotta, 31 x 24 x 8cm
Courtesy Peter Blum gallery, New York
Judith Hopf, Exhausted Vase, 2010
Ceramics, lacquer
Courtesy Croy Nielsen, Berlin
Jennifer Tee, Empty Minds, 2003
Bamboo, ceramic, neons, 4m x 5m x 4m
Courtesy Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven
Hema Upadhyay, The Princesses Rusted Belt #6, 2011
Terracotta, paper, wood, 32 x 42 x 18cm
Courtesy Studio La Città, Verona
Rebecca Warren, Dark Passage, 2004
Reinforced clay, MDF, wheels, 195 x 198 x 46 cm
Courtesy Maureen Paley, London
Thomas Mailaender, Handicraft, 2008
12 ceramics, various sizes
Courtesy the artist
Nicole Cherubini, Untitled, 2008
Stoneware, glaze, MDF, acrylic paint
Exhibition view, D'Amelio Terras, New York, 2008
Courtesy the artist and D'Amelio Terras, New York
Jakob Neulinger, Ceramic, 2011
Ceramic parts, glass triangles, brass spheres
Installation view at Jean Nouvel Tower, Vienna
Courtesy the artist
Piotr Uklański, Untitled (Better than Truth), 2011
Pottery, mortar on masonry board and aluminum, 71 x 104 cm
Kate Newby, Walks with men, 2011
Ceramic soundsticks, glaze
Courtesy Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland
Dan Rees and Fredrik Værslev, Shelf Paintings (Pottery In October) (Decorations By Dan Rees), 2009
Spray paint on plywood, birch shelf, brass screws and hinges, ceramic object, 76 x 54 x 16 cm
Installation view at Standard (Oslo), Oslo 2009
Cameron Jamie, Inner Planets, 2013
42 clay masks
Installation view at Palmenhaus in the Old Botanical Garden Zurich
Reto Pulfer, Pfefferwanne, 2007–2011 (detail)
Pepper, Raku-ceramic, jar, wood, photocopies, textile, 230 x 125 x 100 cm
Café Baltic Bar, vitrine at S-Bahn station Hamburg-Altona, 2011
Josh Smith, Untitled [OSLO CERAMIC #02], 2013
Installation view of »Josh Smith« at Standard (Oslo), Oslo 2013
Courtesy the artist and Standard Oslo, photo: Vegard Kleven
Yayoi Kusama, Pumpkin Chess Set, 2003
Hand-painted porcelain, leather, timber
Courtesy RS&A Ltd, London
David Zink Yi, Untitled (Architeuthis), 2010
Fired and glazed ceramics, 575 x 115 x 29 cm
Courtesy the artist, Johann König, Berlin and Hauser & Wirth, photo: Marianne Obst
Manfred Pernice, Sparschwein, 2011
Fired clay, glaze, 16 x 8 x 15 cm
Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Still Life: Chair, Bowl and Vase, 2008
Chair, plaster, collage and salt-fired ceramics, 109 x 91 x 79 cm
Courtesy Saatchi Gallery, London
Francis Upritchard, Ceramic Modern Lamp, 2009
Ceramic, brass, steel, lighting components
Courtesy Salon 94, London
John Baldessari, Repository, 2002
Glazed ceramic, 41 x 31 x 10 cm
Courtesy the artist
Ai Weiwei, Colored Vases, 2007-2010
Han Dynasty vases and industrial paint
Courtesy the artist
Jeff Koons, Serpents, 1988
Porcelain, 60 x 24 x 84 cm and 43 x 13 x 50 cm
Courtesy the artist
Ken Price, Eeezo, 1995-2009
Fired and painted clay, 51 x 61 x 43 cm
Courtesy Matthew Marks Gallery, New York
Paul McCarthy, M, 2008
Oil clay, fiberglass resin, wood, porcelain, 196 x 73 x 63 cm
Courtesy Hauser & Wirth, Zürich London, photo: Ann-Marie Rounkle
Hannah Wilke, Untitled (flesh), 1977–79
3 flesh-tone matt glaze ceramic sculptures
Courtesy Alison Jacques Gallery, London
Lei Xue, Drinking Tea, 2001–2003
Hand painted porcelain cans
Courtesy Hubert Winter Gallery, Vienna
Kris Lemsalu, Father is in town, 2012 (detail)
Ceramics, lamb fur, wild pig fur, foam
Photo: Katharina Reckendorfer/Josef Schauer-Schmidinger
Yeesookyung, Translated Vase, 2010
Ceramic shards, epoxy, 24k gold leaf, 135 x 85 x 85 cm
Courtesy Saatchi Gallery
Grayson Perry, The Rosetta Vase, 2011
Glazed ceramic
Courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro Gallery, London, photo: Stephen White
Matthias Hirtreiter & Max Zuzak, Flucht nach Saint Tropez, 2010
Ceramic, polyurethane foam, wood, metal, textile, 100 x 140 x 80 cm
Installation view in the pond at Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, 2010
Photo: Marianne Obst
Rosemarie Trockel, Pot, 2006
Platinum-glazed ceramic, 59 x 66 x 62 cm
Courtesy Sprueth Magers, London/Berlin
Marisa Merz, Untitled, 1985–95
Clay and gold leaf, 26 x 17 x 12 cm, pedestal 119 x 50 x 50 cm
Arthur Morass, Untitled, 1959
Installation view at Kunstverein Hamburg, 2012
Courtesy Kunstverein Hamburg, photo: Fred Dott
Michaela Meise, Money Face VII, 2012
Glazed ceramic, 38 x 33 x 4 cm
Courtesy Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles
Alisa Baremboym, Leakage Industries: Clear Conduit, 2012 (detail)
Gelled emollient, unglazed ceramic, usb cable with gender changers, flash drive, 102 x 81 x 122 cm
Courtesy the artist and 47 Canal, New York
Tjorg Douglas Beer, Psycho Cowboys, 2013
Ceramic figures hand-painted and glazed, steel, broken mirror, clothes, 250 x 300 x 300 cm
Courtesy Patricia Low Contemporary, Gstaad/St. Moritz
Pablo Picasso, Spanish pitchers, 1952
White earthenware clay, painted and engraved, partly glazed
Mai-Thu Perret, Illuminate completely the mountains, the rivers, and myriad blossoms, 2008
Glazed ceramic
Courtesy Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, photo: Christian Altengarten
Julian Schnabel, Untitled (Claude Picasso), 1987
Oil, plates, bondo on wood, 183 x 152 cm
Courtesy the artist