No. 2

Theme Park

Monica Bonvicini, Add Elegance to Your Poverty, 2002 - 2004
Black graffiti on wooden billboard, white paint
Installation view »Funky Lessons«, Bawag Contemporary, 2005
Courtesy the artist and Jürgen Schulz
Daniel Buren, Unexpected Variable Configurations: A Work in Situ, 1998
wall painted in a colour with hand-drawn grid and 25 screen printed aluminium plates
Douglas Gordon, text works on exterior walls of Collection Lambert
Musée d'art contemporain, Avignon
Poul Gernes, Inside of prison wall at Anstalten ved Herstedvester, 1989
Sophie Thun, Layer 1, 2012
Courtesy the artist
Richard Jackson, Rennie 101, 2009 – 2010
acrylic paint, wood, eighteen canvases
Courtesy of the Rennie Collection
Tobias Rehberger, What You Love Also Makes You Cry, 2009, Café Venice Biennale, Venice
© Tobias Rehberger. Courtesy neugerriemschneider, Berlin
Pawel Althamer, A Draftsmen’s Congress, 2012, St. Elisabeth Kirche in Berlin Mitte, 7th Berlin Biennale
Rirkrit Tiravanija: Untitled (Freedom can not be simulated), 2012
installation view Galerie Neugerriemschneider, Berlin. Photo: Camilayelarte
Mel Bochner, Language Is Not Transparent, 1970, Chalk on paint on wall
Patrick Lundberg, Untitled 2007, wall carving, Te Tuhi Gallery, Auckland. Courtesy of the artist
Karen Kilimnik, Helter Skelter, 1992, acrylic, costume jewelry, turkey fork, variation of 3
Jim Lambie, 14 Carrots, 2008, 
Carrots, gloss paint, shelf
Katharina Grosse, Untitled, 2008, acrylic on wall and floor, New Orleans Biennial, Prospect 1
Dave Muller, I Want It Louder, 2006, Acrylic on wall. Courtesy of Gladstone Gallery
Elke Krystufek, Wall of Silence, installation at Grafenegg Park, 2009
Paul Morrison, Ochrea, 2008, Vinyl applied to wall, site specific wall painting, Towada Art Center, Japan
Courtesy of Alison Jacques Gallery
Picasso, bathroom at Château of Vauvenargues, Southern France, ca.1960
Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing #414, first installed in 1984 at Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Courtesy of Centre Pompidou-Metz, Photo: Rémi Villaggi
Ernst Caramelle, Untitled 2010, pigment on wall, installation view, South London Gallery. Courtesy of Mary Mary
John Armleder, Caster, 2009, (with Otto Muel »ph:ORCH«) coloured wallpaper, Palazzo Grassi, Venice
Dan Perjovschi + Pas, 2009, National Technical Library of Prague (NTK)
Haim Steinbach, Yo, 1991, text in matte black latex paint, or vinyl letters applied onto the wall
Yayoi Kusama, Installation view at Tate Modern, 2012, London
Lily van der Stokker, Spectacular experimental art by older people, 2000,
 acrylic paint on wall and couch
installation view, Museum Wolfsburg, Germany
Stephen Prina, The Second Sentence of Everything I Read is You: SOMA Electronic Music Studios, 2005–2008
Courtesy the artist and Galerie Gisela Capitain, Cologne
Bea Schlingelhoff, The Left Is Too Right, 2012. Courtesy of New Jerseyy gallery
Fiona Banner, Black Hawk Down (detail), 2010, Indian ink on wall, installation at South London Gallery
Mimmo Paladino, Untitled, 2005, Museo Madre of Naples
Jonathan Borofsky, Wall Drawings, 1976, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York City
Raymond Pettibon, No Title, Installation at CFA, Berlin, 2008
André Saraiva, Mr. A graffiti in Los Felis, Los Angeles. Photo: Alexandra Gordienko
David Shrigley, installation view, Art Basel 2012
Gardar Eide Einarsson, You Just Don't Get it Dad, So Fuck Off, 2002, vinyl wall text, Courtesy of Team Gallery
Liam Gillick, Merten and Boniface, 2012, 
Black vinyl, Courtesy of Casey Kaplan Gallery
Paulina Olowska, Pubic theatre, 2010, Mszana Dolna, Poland
Marcus Geiger, Secession painted red on 100th anniversary, 1998. Photo: Courtesy of the artist © Wien Museum