No. 28 / Summer 2011



How do recent practices evade or scramble the usual divisions of labour in the art world? By John Kelsey

Curator's Key

Hans Ulrich Obrist, Co-Director of the Serpentine Gallery in London, on »Villino RomAmor« by Luigi Ontani


Supportico Lopez in Berlin. By Andreas Schlaegel


16 Beaver Group in New York. By Özge Ersoy

Portrait Darren Bader

American artist Darren Bader in an conversation with Bruce Hainley, discussing food in the arts, the profundity of ancient, and bad curators

Portrait Josephine Pryde

Hans-Jürgen Hafner on the apparently systematically »diverse« artistic activity of Berlin based artist

Portrait Martha Wilson

New York artist, founder of the Franklin Furnace and co-founder of the Guerrilla Girls in conversation with Barbara Clausen


What does the Facebook-»Like«-Botton tell us about the way we live now? By Nick Currie


Matthew Post finds similarities between the Ghostbusters and the gentrification of NewYork


On a way of making art distant from that which is considered contemporary. By Adam E. Mendelsohn

Art Scene Buenos Aires

Remoteness and enthusiasm. Inés Katzenstein on the art scene of the Argentinian capital


By Benjamin Hirte, Joanna Fiduccia, Bettina Steinbrügge, Nico Vascellari, Raimar Stange


Louise Lawler, New York; Kara Walker, New York; David Salle, London; Mateusz Sadowski, Poznan; Haris Epaminonda, Frankfurt; Fabian Marti, Winterthur; Curated by, Wien; Florian Pumhösl, Wien; Weltraum. Die Kunst und ein Traum, Wien; Stephen Prina, Wien; Kriwet, Innsbruck; Nina Beier, Berlin; Ger van Elk, Berlin; Kateřina Šedá, Bremen, David Lieske, Leipzig

The Pfaff Brothers

A Belated Dispatch from Glasgow


»Fruits, Flowers, and Clouds« in Vienna