No. 40 / Summer 2014


Maria Lassnig (1919–2014)

by Peter Pakesch

Artist's Favourites

By Metahaven: Johan Grimonprez, Katja Novitskova, Tapisserie de Bayeux, Öyvind Fahlström, NSA

Curator's Key

Polly Staple on »A Burial at Ornans« by Gustave Courbet


Gallerist Gavin Brown and curator Daniel Baumann gaze into a bleak future

Neoliberal Entities

The Artist Pension Trust promises artists a land of milk and honey. By Alexander Scrimgeour


People are spending unprecedented sums on art. Buying as a buzz. By Andrew M. Goldstein & Homa Zarghamee


Art is the new money. By Kolja Reichert

21st Century Theory

Tiziana Terranova and Stefan Heidenreich talk about financialisation, workfare and debt

Portrait Laurie Parsons

The American artist spent only a few years in the art world. Bob Nickas thinks back on her work.

Portrait Rainer Ganahl

Marx, Lenin and Mao. The Austrian artist is passionately attached to left-wing figures and
finds ways to bring them into the present. By Adam Kleinman

Short Story

Suffer the Children. By Mark von Schlegell

Exhibition Histories

»All this will one day be yours sweetheart«. Paul Maenz tells of a short evening in Frankfurt in 1967


Curzio Malaparte wrote his novel The Skin in 1949. A re-reading by Michele D’Aurizio


Timo Feldhaus seeks out the nooks and crannies between work, power, and capital at the tenth Gallery Weekend.


or the things we like

The Pfaff Brothers

Random Sequencing