No. 37 / Autumn 2013


Curator's Key

Ellen Blumenstein on Mark Leckey’s Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore (1999)


In just three years, São Paulo start-up Mendes Wood have built a firm base for their artists, as well as a broad international network. By Oliver Basciano


Banner Repeater is an artist-run space and book store located on a London train station, who are contextualizing the digital through various projects. By Alexander Scrimgeour

Portrait Ashley Bickerton

During the 80s, the American artist produced a series of »portraits« that he conceptualized into a brand and collectively titled Susie. By John C. Welchman

Portrait Philipp Quehenberger

With his enraptured freecore blending of electronic, jazz and experimental noise, the Austrian musician is best witnessed live. By Thomas Edlinger

Portrait Laure Prouvost

Overlaying video material with idiosyncratic voiceovers, the London-based artist employs both sensory experience and formal experimentation. By John Beeson

21st Century Theory

Suhail Malik questions what Speculative Realism’s insistence on a realism independent of a thinking human subject could mean for contemporary art.


By Rhea Dall, Chris Fitzpatrick, Reto Pulfer, Elise Lammer, Simon Denny

The Pfaff Brothers

Water Mafia