No. 36 / Summer 2013


Artist's Favourites

By Tobias Madison: Mathis Altmann; Jean-Pierre Gorin; Stefan Tcherepnin; Michael Asher, David Hammons, Maria Eichhorn @ Kunsthalle Bern; Carissa Rodriguez

Curator's Key

Nav Haq on Acid Brass (1997) by Jeremy Deller


Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler gallery in Berlin represents primarily technology-savvy artists from the post-internet generation. Pablo Larios reports.

Portrait Lutz Bacher

Poignant eulogies, black feminist humor, and subversion. Californian artist Lutz Bacher dodges a signature style in favor of artistic unruliness. By Karen Archey

Portrait Claire Fontaine

A sentiment of political impotence is both the means and the subject of the work of these French »ready-made-artists«. A critical appraisal by Raimar Stange

Portrait Maria Lassnig

The representation of bodily experience and the discrepancies between sensory perceptions and external forces have occupied the Austrian painter ever since she first began in the 50s. By Joanna Fiduccia

21st Century Theory

A roundtable discussion about the origins of speculative philosophical thought and its potential impacts on contemporary art. Moderated by Armen Avanessian

Putting Fiction into Practice

David Shields’ »How literature saved my life« weaves together fiction, autobiography and criticism, sparking Oliver Basciano to ruminate on new directions for art criticism.

The Post-conceptual Present

Peter Osborne’s recent book »Anywhere or Not at All« proclaims a new philosophy of contemporary art. By John Chilver


By Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Jennifer Chert, Raimar Stange, Martin Fritz and Cuauhtémoc Medina

The Pfaff Brothers

Airport denomination