No. 33 / Autumn 2012


Artist's Favourites

By Haegue Yang: Jimmie Durham, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Damián Ortega, Yiso Bahc, Beom Kim


Tal Beery, member of Occupy Museums, on the artist as activist

Curator's Key

Krist Gruijthuijsen on »On becoming something else« (2009) by Ben Kinmont


47 Canal, the young gallery in Downtown Manhattan owned by artist Margaret Lee and ex-director of Alexander and Bonin, Oliver Newton. By Karen Archey


Marina Fokidis founded Kunsthalle Athena with the goal of bringing the public arena into closer contact with art. A conversation with Filipa Ramos

Portrait Nicole Eisenman

Between pathos and horseplay, dirty jokes and serious politics. Joanna Fiduccia on the work of the American painter

Portrait Christian Falsnaes

The language and symbolism of demonstrations, powerful emotions, crowd surfing, karaoke, glam-rock costumes and 80s-style music videos. Carson Chan in conversation with the performance artist Christian Falsnaes

Portrait Oskar Fischinger

The abstract animations of the German artist, an emigrant to LA, were long appreciated only by radical formalists and avant-garde visionaries. Fionn Meade on a rediscovery

Arthur Boto Conley's Music Workshop

Two records by the elusive ethnomusicologist Arthur Boto Conley. By John Beeson

Emotional Communism

The spectre of communism is haunting the art biennials of Europe. By Nick Currie

Slow Fading LA

By Jon Leon


By Patricia Ellis, Tenzing Barshee, Dani Gal, Eivind Furnesvik, Angela Stief

The Pfaff Brothers

Soil happens