No. 32 / Summer 2012


Artist's Favourites

By Ion Grigorescu: Florina Coulin, Ovidiu Fenes, Bogdan Vladuta, Paul Gherasim, Matei Lazarescu


The fifth part in our series exploring multiple roles in the art world: Markus Miessen’s plea for the incompetent master

Curator's Key

Charles Esche on »Raum der Gegenwart« (1930/2009) by László Moholy-Nagy


Communication is more important than sales. Gregor Quack on the Berlin-based Chert gallery


Curator Ami Barak is in charge of the Pomeranz Collection in Vienna. By Maximilian Geymüller

Portrait Roe Ethridge

From still lifes and fashion shoots to the everyday. Fionn Meade talks with the American artist

A Public Platform

John Beeson on the recent performance-related works by Wojciech Kosma, Gerry Bibby, Juliette Blightman, and Malin Arnell

Portrait Jimmie Durham

Jonas Žakaitis dives into the two themes that are essential to Durham’s work: language and material

The Young Swiss Artist

Lo-fi and clean surfaces. Tenzing Barshee on the brand of the »young Swiss artist«

Artist's Reading

Daniel Baumann and British artist Alan Kane speak about John Berger’s »Ways of Seeing«


Facing those parts of the past that have been hushed up. The Living Dance Studio from China at the Wiener Festwochen. By Georg Petermichl


By Hans-Christian Dany, Eva Maria Stadler, Liudvikas Buklys, Barbara Piwowarska, Margaret Lee

The Pfaff Brothers

Found Commandments