No. 31 / Spring 2012


Artist's Favourites

By Adrian Piper: Leonid Mezheritski, James Gregory Atkinson, Tisha Mukarji, Jakob Schaible, Beny Wagner

7th Berlin Biennial

The Berlin Biennal is going to be curated for the second time by an artist, Artur Żmijewski. Andreas Schlaegel met with him and also asked artist Paola Yacoub and philosopher Mika Hannula for statements on the BB7 programme

Curator's Key

Bettina Steinbrügge, Curator at the Austrian Gallery Belvedere in Vienna, on White Women by Loulou Cherinet


Karol Sienkiewicz sees Galeria Stereo in Poznań as one of Poland's most important young galleries


Extra City in Antwerp has one of the highest profiles among discourse-oriented exhibition spaces. Its director, Mihnea Mircan, in conversation with Koen Brams

Portrait Lili Reynaud-Dewar

Sun Ra comes face to face with the artist’s mother, Jean Genet meets her professor, and Rastafarians spread their message in the USA. Julien Fronsacq on the French artist

Artist's Readings

Franz West in conversation with Andreas Reiter Raabe on the importance of reading in his life and work

Killing the Archive

Why we have to jettison the ballast of the past. By Nick Currie

Why Paint Cats?

Karen Archey on a subgenre of contemporary art: cat art


By Margaret Salmon, Florian Waldvogel, Bettina Leidl, Raimar Stange, Karen Archey


»Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present«; Clyfford Still, Denver; Jean-Frédéric Schnyder, New York; Mary Heilmann, London; Sara van der Heide/ Nick Oberthaler, Gent
Leszek Knaflewski, Warsaw; Yüksel Arslan, Zurich; Matti Braun, Berlin; Eugen Schönebeck, Berlin; Tobias Madison, Berlin; Robert Morris, Berlin; Anna Jermolaewa, Salzburg; Hans Hollein, Graz; Ursula Biemann, Linz; Cindy Sherman, Vienna; Stano Filko, Vienna