No. 30 / Winter 2011


Artist's Favourites

By Saâdane Afif: Katarina Burin, Natalie Czech, Jofroi Amaral, Nathan Peter, Lina Viste Grønli, Adrien Missika


Changes in the Economy of the kunstbetrieb, Part 3: The Freedom of the Curator.
By Daniel Baumann

Artists Talk

Markus Schinwald talks to David Cronenberg
about cinematic sublimation and blank beginnings

Curator's Key

Fabrice Stroun, forthcoming director of the Kunsthalle Bern on O-ism by Jim Shaw


Jennifer Teets on the new programmgalerie Marcelle Alix, Paris


David Roberts Art Foundation in London is
 a new and innovative exhibition space by a private collector. By Adam Carr


A secret history of art: Steven Leiber’s collection 
of art ephemera in San Francisco. By Matthew Post

Portrait Tom Burr

Camp, appropriation and politics meet in the work of 
this American artist. An Interview by Gianni Jetzer

Portrait Peter Friedl

This Austrian artist never fails to surprise with unexpected strategies that defy all trends. By Raimar Stange

Artist's Reading

Annika von Hausswolff talks to Mika Hannula about Maurice Blanchot’s The Madness of the Day


Charles Moore’s Piazza d’Italia in New Orleans reveals the topicality of postmodernism. By Michele D’Aurizio


By Anne Collier, Tex Rubinowitz, Marco Altavilla, Patrick Rampelotto, Olivia Shao


et al., Auckland; Dexter Sinister, New York; George Condo, London; Robert Wilhite, Amsterdam; Plamen Dejanoff, Hamburg; Cosima von Bonin, Cologne; Wade Guyton, Zurich; »Thymós«, Toruń; Christian Falsnaes, Berlin; Martha Rosler / Josh Neufeld, Berlin; »Copy & Taste«, Berlin; Antje Majewski, Graz; »Animismus«, Vienna; Anastasia Khoroshilova, Vienna; Curt Stenvert, Vienna; Mladen Stilinović, Vienna

The Pfaff Brothers

A Child is Born on the Internet