No. 29 / Autumn 2011


Artist's Favourites

By Sean Landers: Cy Amundson, Cynthia Daignault, Elizabeth Huey, Dave Miko, Jeronimo Elespe


The New Order. Seven questions for art theoretician Isabelle Graw. By Rita Vitorelli


Alexander Koch of KOW Berlin and Axel Wieder talk about a new gallery approach


castillo/corrales: exhibition space, publishing house, bookshop and more besides. By Lili Reynaud-Dewar

Portrait Daniel Buren

The French artist is a pioneer of in situ painting. An interview with Cedar Lewisohn

Portrait Richard Hawkins

The work of the L. A.-based artist focuses on everyday life, literature, art history, homosexuality and his own oeuvre. By Maximilian Geymüller

Portrait Lone Haugaard Madsen

Since the 90s a new generation has been trying to construct a new form of subjectivity. Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen on the works of the Vienna-based artist

In Berlin

Growth and increasing professionalism have shaped Berlin’s art scene in the past decade.Whatever happened to the myth of Berlin? By Andreas Schlaegel


Fear of Vanishing. Benjamin Hirte on the primordial bonds between the hero and the poet


Norway has one of the highest rates of cultural subsidy in the world. Esperanza Rosales reports on an internationally successful art scene


By Carina Brandes, Isla Leaver-Yap, Tobias Naehring, John Beeson, Beate Ermacora


54. Biennale di Venezia; George Herms, Los Angeles; »Time/Food«, New York; Mike Kelley, London; Alina Szapocznikow, Brussels; »Seeing is believing«, Berlin; Tomás Saraceno, Berlin; Dan Perjovschi, Berlin; Enzo Mari, Berlin; Bill Bollinger, Karlsruhe; Bethan Huws, Vienna; Joe Scanlan, Vienna; David Maljkovic, Vienna; »Vrai ou Faux?«, Vienna; »Museum der Wünsche«, Vienna

The Pfaff Brothers

Summer Cocktails