No. 27 / Spring 2011


Artist's Favourites

By Keren Cytter: Maria & The Mirrors, John Maus, Andrew Kerton, Roger Federer, Un Prophète


Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, artistic director of the next documenta, in conversation with Francesco Stocchi


The Failure of Success. By Raimar Stange


Rodeo’s Sylvia Kouvali chats with Johann König about her plans to open a gallery in New York


Kadist Art Foundation in Paris catalyzes artists and curators at their moment of ascent. By Jennifer Teets

Portrait Rob Pruitt

The provocateur, patchworker, and organizer of flea markets and his own art award, in conversation with Gianni Jetzer

Portrait Ernst Caramelle

Joanna Fiduccia on the work of the New York-based Austrian artist, which has consistently aesthetically combined conceptualism and painting

Global Art World

There’s a problematical beauty in poverty, says Nick Currie, who moved to Osaka’s worst slum

Printed Matter

A visual autobiography: »Paul McCarthy’s Low Life Slow Life: Tidebox Tidebook«. By Francesco Stocchi


Matthew Post on dumbness and Hyphy, a subgenre of San Francisco Bay Area Rap

Art Scene Glasgow

Known for an art scene of remarkable vitality, Glasgow has spawned Turner Prize winners, influential bands and important writers. By Sarah Lowndes


By Anne Collier, Tex Rubinowitz, Marco Altavilla, Patrick Rampelotto, Olivia Shao


David Hammons, New York; Simon Fujiwara, Mexico City; João Maria Gusmão + Pedro Paiva, Lissbon; General Idea, Paris; Matthew Brannon, Frankfurt; »unExhibit«, Vienna; »Nach Demokratie«, Vienna; Herwig Weiser, Vienna; Michaela Meise, Graz; Mathilde ter Heijne, Linz; Nancy Holt, Karlsruhe; Heimo Zobernig, Zurich; Bruce McLean, Berlin; Anna Boghiguian, Berlin; »Freedom of Speech«, Berlin/Hamburg

The Pfaff Brothers

On the poodle in the work of Jef Cornelis