No. 25 / Autumn 2010


Me and My Ass Pony

Fritz Ostermayer on Cross-Crafting

Artist's Favourites

By Rachel Harrison: Lucy Raven, Helen Marten, Clifford Borress, Alisha Kerlin, Peter Fend


Musician Jarvis Cocker and English artist Gavin Turk discuss Pop, participation and Altermodernity

Curator's Key

Adam Szymczyk, Director of the Kunsthalle Basel, on things that are holes in things they are not


Magali Arriola talks with Fernando Mesta, Director of Gaga, about the necessity of an unconventional gallery in Mexico


Two collections, that couldn't be more different. The eccentric Armand Schulthess and the artist Ingeborg Lüscher. By Andreas Schlaegel

Portrait John McCracken

Minimalism, spirituality and handicraft. The time is ripe for a re-evaluation of American artist John McCracken

Portrait Christian Mayer

The Viennese based artist follows histories straight through places and times. By Andreas Schlaegel


Observations about the Internet. By Canadian theatre-maker and writer Jacob Wren


Narcissister: an image that changes itself, an almost inhuman being, always behind a mask, an organ-less body. By Raimundas Malasauskas

Printed Matter

This summer, Revolver Verlag published a book about a curious diversion – the »photo shot«. By Brigitte Felderer


What makes an art scene alluring for curators and artists? By Esperanza Rosales


By Aki Sasamoto, Jean-Claude Freymond-Guth, Nana Kipiani, Martin Vesely, eSeL


»Greater New York 2010«, New York; Brion Gysin, New York; Lara Almarcegui, Vienna; Cosima von Bonin, Vienna; Martin Walde, Vienna; Ana Torfs, Vienna; »Lebenslust und Totentanz. Olbricht Collection«, Krems; Berlin Biennale; Vanessa Safavi, Berlin; Gabriel Kuri, Bielefeld; Inaki Bonllas, Stuttgart; Architektur Biennale, Venice; Benet Rossell, Barcelona; »Make Yourself at Home«, Copenhagen