No. 24 / Summer 2010


Me and My Ass Pony

Fritz Ostermayer on illegible piss stains

Artist's Favourites

By John Bock: Vinyl -Terror & -Horror, Kara Uzelman, Nina Canell, Heike Aumüller, Adrian Lohmüller


The art critic Barbara Buchmaier on a young generation of New York artists who are searching through a myriad of possibilities in painting

Curator's Key

Jessica Morgan on »site-specific installation« (1992) by Robert Gober


Renzo Gianella and Giancarlo Scaglia are starting an art revolution in Lima with the Revolver Galéria. By Pablo Léon de la Barra


The Centre for Contemporary Art in Lagos wants to leave postcolonial thinking in the dust. By Philippe Pirotte


Jonas Žakaitis talks to curator Raimundas Malašauskas about his bestiary

Portrait Nadim Vardag

The works from Viennese artist Nadim Vardag aim at compaction and precision. By Severin Dünser

Portrait Anri Sala

Recent works by the Albanian video artist are clearly growing in complexity, thanks to their truly »contradictory« use of music. By Raimar Stange


Bruce Hainley in conversation with the American author Wayne Koestenbaum about Harpo Marx’ muteness


In the 30s, Piero Portaluppi built in the Villa Necchi Campiglio one of the most unusual private houses in Milan. By Michele D’Aurizio


In the Georgian capital of Tbilisi there is no functioning art industry, which leads to numerous art projects that seek to confront this very situation in order to create new structures. By Andreas Reihse


By Roman Gysin, Jennifer Krasinski, Raimar Stange, Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, David Woodard

Reviews of international exhibitions

»No Soul for Sale«, London; »If You Know that Here Is One Hand …«, Vilnius; Edward Kienholz, New York; »Sonntag des Lebens«; Vienna »curated by_«, Vienna;
Christoph Büchel, Vienna; Mike Bouchet, Vienna; BLESS, Graz; Maruša Sagadin, Anna Witt, Bernd Krauß, Graz; Trisha Donnelly, Frankfurt; Jochen Lempert, Cologne; Jo Baer, Berlin; Tobias Zielony, Berlin; Rosemarie Trockel, Zurich; »The Morning Line«, Istanbul


New York Gallery Week