No. 23 / Spring 2010


Me and My Ass Pony

Squandering. Fritz Ostermayer on the Game of (Mis)chance as a response to crisis situations

Artist's Favourites

By Betty Tompkins: Bill Mutter, Martha Wilson, Claudia DeMonte, Olek, Ari Marcopoulos


David Woodard in conversation with Swiss novelist Christian Kracht about the newly published Hebrew edition of the author’s debut work Faserland and his abiding love for Israel

Curator's Key

Søren Grammel on »Konstrukcja wisz ca« (1921) by Katarzyna Kobros

Portrait Philippe Thomas

In the Midst of it All, the Empty Stage. Hans-Jürgen Hafner on the French artist, who died in 1995, and his agency readymades belong to everyone

Portrait Birgit Jürgenssen

Birgit Jürgenssen was one of the stylistically profligate protagonists of feminist art in the Vienna of the 70s and 80s. By Joanna Fiduccia

Printed Matter

Bruce Hainley on »The Interrogative Mood« of American writer Padgett Powell


Erlend Hammer on the American tv-series Dollhouse

Global Art World

Tobias Berger's survey of the tiger-swift deverlopment of the Asian art scene


Curator Max Henry connects with Eugenio López Alonso for a chat in Vienna


The Leipzig School of painting, and what comes after. By Andreas Schlaegel


By Kai von Rabenau, Joanna Warsza, Igor Grubic, Arno Senoner


Whitney Biennial, New York; »The Malady of Writing«, Barcelona; »Early Years«, Berlin; »Lebt und arbeitet in Wien III«, Vienna; Sejla Kameric, Vienna; »Kampf um die Stadt«, Vienna; »ADIEU! A tribute to Nancy Spero and Leon Golub«, Vienna; Manfred Pernice, Salzburg; »The Amen Break«, Dusseldorf; Jason Dodge, Hannover; Seth Price, Berlin; Peter Roehr, Berlin; Elad Lassry, Zurich; »Donna«, Rome; Goshka Macuga, London; Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, New York


»Solace« in New York