No. 22 / Winter 2009


Me and My Ass Pony

Work is also a four-letter word! Fritz Ostermayer on preventing production

Artist's Favourites

By Ayse Erkmen: Maider López, Mandla Reuter, Dane Mitchell, Ebru Özseçen, Dani Gal


Andreas Schlaegel asks, »Is the time ripe for a 90s revival?«, and searches for new projects in the spirit of Relational Aesthetics

Curator's Key

Pierre Bal-Blanc on Sanja Iveković’s Performance »Eve’s Game«

Global Art World

Adam E. Mendelsohn was at Frieze, where he asked himself and others why art fairs are so annoying


Rita Vitorelli talks with Jean-Claude Freymond-Guth, the director of Freymond-Guth and Co. Fine Arts in Zurich


Daniel Baumann on collector James Brett’s recently opened »Museum of Everything« in London

Portrait Leopold Kessler

Open space and minimal manipulations. Fouad Asfour on the Austrian artist’s latest work


Nick Currie on the Swiss designer Janette Laverrière, one of the first Modernists

Printed Matter

Joanna Fiduccia on »First as Tragedy, Then as Farce«, the newest book by Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek


Wilhelm Schürmann, one of Germany’s most influential collectors. By Andreas Schlaegel


What is the reason for the international success of an institution like the CAC, or a gallery like Tulips & Roses? By Valentinas Klimašauskas


By Ruth Ewans, Robert Fleck, Roger Meier, Sabine Schmidt, Sandrine von Klot


»Morality«, Rotterdam, »Gender Check«, Vienna; »1989« Wien; Elfie Semotan, Vienna; Max Peintner, Wien; Siggi Hofer, Krems; Oscar Muñoz, Linz; steirischer herbst, Graz; »Antirepresentationalism«, Berlin; Monika Baer, Berlin; Joëlle de La Casinière, Potsdam; Georges Seurat, Zurich; Istanbul Biennale, Istanbul; »Russian Arte Povera«, Moscow; »New Photography 2009«, New York