No. 10 / Winter 2006


Artist's Favourites

By Pascale Marthine Tayou: IngridMwangiRobertHutter, Joel Andrianomeariosa, Julien Beneyton, Plinio Avila, Aimé Ntakiyica


Critical discourse on painting has shrunk to a minimum since the 80s. Is theory missing in contemporary painting? By Robert Fleck

Curator's Key

Chus Martínez über David Lamelas »Office of Information about the Vietnam War at Three Levels: the Visual Image, Text and Audio«, 1968


Momus and Momus

Art Market

Art Autumn in Paris. By Jens E. Sennewald

Artists Talk

Rock & Roll Meets Underground Film: Tav Falco in conversation with Kenneth Anger

Portrait René Daniels

In a career spanning just a few short years, René Daniels has created one of the most interesting bodies of work in contemporary painting. By Hans-Jürgen Hafner

Portrait Cory Arcangel

The young American artist shifts the boundaries of digital media. By Adam E. Mendelsohn

Portrait Plamen Dejanoff

Plamen Dejanoff plays with the mechanisms of art, advertising and commerce – as he does too in this contribution to Spike. An introduction by Walter Seidl and an interview with Rita Vitorelli

Portrait Gerwald Rockenschaub

»The space is one part, my idea is another part, and then you bring the two together.« A conversation with Rita Vitorelli

Portrait Cady Noland

The American artist withdrew from the art world in the late 90s but continues to hold sway over a new generation of artists today. By Daniel Baumann

In Berlin

Mit dem Berliner Tagebuch von Raimar Stange, einem Dialog zwischen Jan Winkelmann und Michael Krome und Kritiken der Ausstellungen Dan Peterman, Anna Oppermann und der Atlas Group


Arturas Raila, Aernout Mik, »The Border Film Project«, Asger Jorn, Raymond Pettibon, Erwin Wurm, »Shift«, »Klartext Berlin«, Mark Dion, Adam Adach, »Black Paintings«, Ich bin beschäftigt«, Peter Peri, Robert Rauschenberg


Der Düsseldorfer Sammler konzeptueller Kunst Axel Haubrok. Von Raimar Stange

Art Guide Belgrade

Herwig G. Höller on the crisis of Serbian Art Production in the Post-Milosevic Era.

Printed Matter

Jens E. Sennewald spricht mit Clémentine Deliss über »Metronome«

Seduction or the things that we like

Letzte Lockerung

Der Berg ruft